Hello friends! 

Just to let you know, we are about to send off the new Metal project for mastering... we have a 7 song album, and it has a lot of different vibes... Some heavy, some melodic-- it should have something for just about anyone. :) I'll provide links here once the album is ready for release.

Spector Basses have built another masterpiece-- but this time, its for me!! Its a custom Forte 5 built with woods sourced out of my home state, EMG MM5TW pickups, a Darkglass preamp, and tons of intense, thick tone!! Can't wait to show the world what this beast is capable of. 

I am also in the process of setting up my studio for recording original YouTube content-- reviews, demos, discussion, etc... I hope to be setting up for a video-per-week model with professional video and audio quality. I may also start doing cover series videos of a particular artist (if I can go through the proper channels to get rights to do it right!)

Thanks so much for your time!

Best, as always.