I've been very slow on my presence here and on my social media sites, but that's because of all of the amazing things happening! Here's a quick rundown of what has been happening and what to expect here in the near future...

  • A new metal project! I am teaming up with great friend and songwriter Tyler Gordon to bring a heavy, melodic sound to you! I'm performing production duties in the studio, but Ty and I are sharing writing/instrumentation duties... Its a different sound that is both big and beautiful. Release date is still TBA, but I have a tentative completion date of mid-August for the mixes to be done and sent off for mastering. Are you hyped yet?
  • A secret instrumental progressive project! Working with great friend and greater guitarist Cameron Belcher, I've been recording a project with him... Something progressive, psychedelic, organic... We just get together and write! Its a fun project, and we're going to take our time with it to really dig in and arrange the parts. Release date TBA. More info to come soon... shhhh... :)
  • An endorsement from Spector basses! I'm very pleased to announce that I have been made an official artist for Spector Basses. This is a huge honor and I am extremely proud to be part of a family of some of the finest musicians to walk the earth! I have a custom USA model on order to mark this occasion... Pics to come soon. If you haven't played Spector, I highly recommend you try one out!!
  • An endorsement from Stringjoy Strings! Stringjoy Strings out of Nashville, TN has been kind enough to offer me a space on their artist roster. Their strings have been serving me well on my last tour and through all of my latest hours of studio time... Check them out if you have a minute! 
  • A new Youtube series! I am in the process of writing a new Youtube series to discuss a lot of different topics: music, writing, recording, tips, tricks, technique, gear, etc... as well as play-throughs and covers. I will announce here and through social media when that channel becomes available.

As always, thank you so much for your time. Enjoy your day! I will keep you updated as I go. 

Rock on!